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Option 1 – OrgSync

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First, Student Activities and the Student Association have adopted the OrgSync online community for our student organizations. It is a web-based product designed to provide tools to better manage your organization. In addition to managing membership, keeping calendars and storing documents, OrgSync provides an easy content management system for creating a public-facing website. It allows you to do things like including the event calendars right on your web page. If you’d like to use OrgSync to build your website, you can contact the Office of Student Activities (whose site is currently hosted in OrgSync) for information on creating an account and instructions for its use.  Please note: Even if a student organization doesn’t want to use OrgSync to host their website, they must use it to register and manage their organization. This is a requirement for becoming a recognized student organization. Its use for tracking documentation, membership and events is critical for maintaining the history of an organization as well as maintaining communications with the Office of Student Activities.

Option 2 – WordPress

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A second option for organizations is presented here. Student Affairs Technical Services provides recognized organizations and clubs with access to an easy way of creating websites by using the common and well-regarded WordPress system. This is a multi-site implementation of WordPress allowing multiple organizations and clubs to create blogs and websites from a single installation. To request a hosted site in the WordPress environment, please contact Student Affairs Technical Services at A list of student organization and club sites currently hosted on this WordPress site are linked to below.

Option 3 -  Traditionally Hosted Websites


Under special circumstances, Student Affairs will provide server space for a traditional, hand-coded website for a student organization. This option requires someone in the student organization have significant experience in web design/development. We highly recommend that student organizations don’t follow this route, however, as as membership in the organization changes, the expertise to maintain the site is generally not available. If you believe your needs require this level of service, please contact Technical Services at

Note: since the membership of student organizations changes readily, and new members don’t always have this level of web design expertise, we strongly recommend that student organizations choose either option 1 or 2 above. They provide organizations with websites that are maintainable by the largest audience.